Blue Detectable Plaster Fingertip/Regular

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Blue Detectable Plaster Fingertip/Regular

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Wound Protection:

The primary function of any plaster or adhesive bandage is to protect wounds from external contaminants such as dirt, bacteria, and moisture, thus promoting healing and preventing infections.


Many modern plasters are waterproof or water-resistant, allowing individuals to maintain hygiene while washing hands or engaging in activities involving water.

Detectable Feature:

The blue color of these plasters serves a specific purpose in industries such as food processing. In environments where food is handled, a blue color stands out against most food items, making it easier to detect if a piece of the plaster accidentally falls off and contaminates food. This feature is crucial for maintaining hygiene and compliance with food safety regulations.


Plasters are designed to conform to the shape of the fingertips or other parts of the body, ensuring a secure fit and optimal protection. This is particularly important for areas where traditional square or rectangular plasters may not adhere effectively.

Adhesive Properties:

The adhesive used in these plasters is gentle on the skin but provides strong and long-lasting adhesion to keep the plaster in place even during movement or activities.


While providing a protective barrier, these plasters also allow the skin to breathe, promoting airflow and reducing the risk of skin irritation or maceration.

Ease of Application:

Blue-detectable plasters typically come in individual sterile packaging for easy and hygienic application. They often feature a peel-off backing for quick and convenient use.




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