Smartphone Vlogging Kit Handheld With Tripod Universal With Fill Light

Lightweight and flexible: no rabbit cage is required. You can connect the fill light and microphone
Microphone : 3 . 5mm jack, fixed with 1 / 4 screw
Phone clip: 1 / 4 screw fixed hot shoe , top cold shoe interface
Tripod : Hand – held tripod , comfortable and non – slip
This vlog kit is suitable for daily vlog , online course teaching, video call lighting, video recording etc.


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Smartphone Vlogging Kit Handheld With Tripod Universal With Fill Light

Products Description


Many kits include a handheld gimbal or stabilizer to minimize shaky footage and create smooth, professional-looking videos. This is especially important for vlogging, where you might be moving around while filming.

Mounts and grips:

Vlogging kits often come with versatile mounts and grips that allow you to securely attach your smartphone and hold it comfortably while filming. These may include tripod mounts, handles, and grips with ergonomic designs.


Good audio quality is essential for vlogs, so kits may include external microphones that attach to your smartphone to capture clearer sound. Options may range from shotgun microphones for capturing subjects at a distance to lapel microphones for capturing your own voice directly.


Lighting is crucial for good video quality, especially in low-light conditions. Some vlogging kits include LED lights or portable ring lights that attach to your smartphone to illuminate your subject and improve overall video quality.

Lens attachments:

Lens attachments can enhance your smartphone’s camera capabilities by offering different perspectives, such as wide-angle or macro lenses. These attachments can help you capture more dynamic shots and add visual interest to your vlogs.

Remote controls:

Some kits may include remote controls or Bluetooth-enabled devices that allow you to start and stop recording, adjust settings, or take photos without having to touch your smartphone directly. This can be especially useful for solo vloggers who are filming themselves.

Carrying cases:

To keep all your vlogging accessories organized and protected while on the go, many kits come with carrying cases or bags designed specifically to hold and transport the various components of the kit.

Additional accessories:

Depending on the specific kit, you may also find additional accessories such as lens cleaning tools, spare batteries, power banks, or memory cards to ensure you have everything you need for extended vlogging sessions.


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