SPX-5030A X-Ray baggage scanning machine

Key Features:

  • Promptly detects prohibited items in real time without opening the package
  • Mainly detection to the briefcase, backpack, small packages and mail.
  • Application: Entertainment venues, tourist attractions, office buildings, shopping malls, factories, etc;
  • Features: Updated software wins 7, with IPC, Multi-Pseudo color display
  • Clear and distinct image;
  • Scanned imaged can zoom up to 32 times

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SPX-5030A X-Ray baggage scanning machine Technical parameters:

Tunnel size 653*505mm (w*h)
Conveyor speed 0.20m/s
Conveyor height 693mm
Max Load 150kgs
Wire Resolution 38AWG
Spatial resolution vertical:diameter 1.0mm,horizontal:diameter 1.0mm
Penetration 35mm steel panel
Monitor 21.5 inch,High resolution 1280*1024
X Ray generatoranode voltage 160KV (Working at 150KV)
Cooling/operation cycle Oil Cooling /100%
X ray Dose per inspection < 1.14USv
Image processing Pseudo color/black & white image,Negative Image, High Penetration, Super-enhancement, histogram equalization, check back/forward, Automatic save image
Zoom Variable zoom up to X64, support continuous magnification.
Image Checking Continuous check back image
Storage capacity Can store more than 100000 image
Radiation leakage <0.5 USv/h(5cm away from fame),in full compliance with all international radiation safety requirements.
Film safety In accordance with ASA/ISO1600 film safe standard
System function F1,F2,F3 programmable key,high density alarm,TIP;date/time display,baggage Count,User management, System work timing, Radiation timing, self-inspection while power on, save and search image, automatically maintenance and diagnosis system, image recognition training.
Optional function Video surveillance system, LED prompt screen, bi-direction scan, voltage stabilizer, UPS back up
Frame size 2043*901*1384mm (L*W*H)
Weight 500kg
Environment temperature/humidity – 3℃~+40℃ / 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity -43℃~+60℃ / 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Power 220VAC (+/-10%) 50+/-3HZ
Consumption 0.7KvA
Noise Level <55db

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