Enhanced ECA Shred Fat Burner 60 Capsules

Brand Enhanced Athlete
Item Form Capsule
Flavor Willow
Product Benefits Weight Loss Support
Age Range (Description) Adult
Package Information Bottle
Unit Count 1.84 Ounce
Number of Items 1
Dosage Form Capsule
Color Red


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Buy the Enhanced ECA Shred Fat Burner 60 Capsules from Aliscotech in Nairobi, Kenya.

Enhanced ECA Shred Fat Burner(ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin) stack was arguably the greatest fat loss stack of all time. It delivered quick fat loss, insane energy and destroyed appetite. Unfortunately, ephedrine is no longer legal to purchase so the ECA stack is a thing of the past.

Enhanced Labs formulations team was given the formidable task of finding a replacement for the ECA stack. It took years of research and hundreds of different product formulations until our formulations team finally hit a home run.

Supplement matrix in Enhanced ECA Shred Fat Burner provides all the same benefits as the ECA stack, but without the adrenal crash. Our formulations team was able to make such an effective product because all the ingredients in ENHANCED LABS ECA SHRED work synergistically with one and another. This allows the ingredients to work even more efficiently then taking them individually. It’s similar to a 1 + 1 = 3 analogy.

ENHANCED LABS ECA SHRED Targets Fat Loss Through 5 Different Path Ways

  1. BURN FAT – The ingredients in ECA SHRED speed up fat burning by boosting thermogenesis and increasing your body’s metabolic rate.
  2. PREVENT FAT STORAGE – ECA SHRED contains ingredients that actually help prevent the production of new fat, meaning you won’t need to worry about gaining back any of the weight you lost.
  3. SUPPRESS APPETITE – ECA SHRED makes calorie – cutting easy by crushing your appetite and making food cravings a thing of the past.
  4. BOOST ENERGY – ECA SHRED contains a synergistic blend of energy-boosting ingredients that naturally increase energy and mental concentration.
  5. IMPROVE MOOD – ECA SHRED’s gentle mood enhancing properties circumvent the irritable feelings low calorie dieting can cause.

THE ENHANCED LABS ECA SHRED FORMULA N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate 150mg

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine citrate is an extract from the Eria Jarensis plant that offers a therapeutic mood-boosting effect by increasing levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in the body. Dopamine and noradrenaline are ‘feel good’ hormones in the body. They offer the same sensations you get when biting into a delicious slice of pizza or winning a hand of poker.

These hormones also boost concentrations, alertness, and focus, and provide a euphoric sensation. This euphoric high is part of the reason why DMAA became so popular. We included N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine citrate in the ECA SHRED formula to fill the gap left by DMAA prohibition.

White willow bark(15% Salicin) –100mg

White Willow Bark contains the active compound salicin, which acts the same way as aspirin. Salicin works as an anti-clotting agent in the blood, extending the absorption time of any active fat loss ingredient taken with it. Willow Bark also contains a spectrum of flavonoids which provide anti-inflammatory effects and reduce oxidative stress.

Cocoa Powder (Standardize for Theobromine) – 100mg

Theobromine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in chocolate. There are many benefits to Theobromine supplementation including cognitive enhancement, decreased blood pressure, weight loss and fat loss. However, the main reason theobromine was included in the ECA SHRED formulation is for its positive effects on weight loss and fat loss. Research shows that theobromine helps with increasing fat metabolism and suppressing fat absorption.  Not only will theobromine help increase fat loss, but it’ll help prevent fat storage, so you don’t regain any of the weight you lost.

Caffeine anhydrous 100mg

Caffeine is the most widely used and studied dietary supplements– and for good reason. Caffeine works as a central nervous and a metabolic stimulant with a number of studies showing improved physical performance, endurance, and cognitive function. Caffeine on its own has been shown to increase resting metabolic rate and caloric expenditure and also works synergistically with adrenaline to promote lipolytic (fat oxidation) activity.

Dicaffeine malate 50mg

Infinergy is a precise combination of caffeine and malic acid fused together by an ionic bond. The malic acid in Infinergy works to buffer the salts in caffeine, allowing for easier digestion whilst also replenishing the energy produced by caffeine, which helps to prevent the dreaded post-caffeine energy ‘crash’.

Bitter Orange Extract(std 5% Synephrine) – 50mg

Synephrine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in the Bitter Orange plant. Synephrine’s molecular structure is very similar to ephedrine. Synephrine functions as an alpha-androgenic antagonist just like ephedrine does, but it is much milder on the central nervous system and does not cause the same negative side effects that ephedrine supplementation can cause. Synephrine binds to receptors in fat tissue and increases lipolysis and thermogenesis.

Cocoabuterol 30mg

Cocoabuterol is a natural cocoa extract containing high concentrations of beneficial polyphenols and alkaloids. Cocoabuterol is interesting because while it supports fat loss, the key is in its ability to redirect where the body harvests its resources. Instead of using amino acids or glucose, Cocoabuterol re-aims the body to start using fat tissues instead. This increases endurance by preserving glycogen stores and makes the body more efficient at burning body fat.

BioPerine (black pepper extract) – 10mg

BioPerine is a patented black pepper extract that contains the active compound piperine. BioPerine is used in sports supplements to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients. In other words, bioperine works by enhancing the absorption rates of whatever it’s taken with.

Rauwolscine (alpha-yohimbine) 2mg

Enhanced ECA Shred Fat Burner – Rauwolscine is an alkaloid compound naturally found in the bark of the evergreen rauvolfia tree. Rauwolscine provides an effect that is very similar to yohimbine. In fact, this compound is so chemically similar to yohimbine that it is classed as a stereoisomer – this means that it’s chemically similar but has a different three-dimensional atom orientation. For that reason, you’ll often find rauwolscine sold under its alternate name alpha-yohimbine.

Like yohimbine, rauwolscine increases fat burning by blocking the alpha-2 receptors in fat cells. Research shows that when you block the activity of alpha-2 receptors, the body reduces fat stores faster, particularly in stubborn body fat areas.


As a dietary supplement take 1-2 capsules per day or as directed by your physician. To assess tolerance, start with 1 capsule. For Enhanced results, take pre-cardio or first thing in the morning.


As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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