MuscleTech Vapor X5

Brand MuscleTech
Item Form Powder
Diet Type Gluten Free
Flavor Blue Raspberry Fusion
Product Benefits Energy Management
Age Range (Description) Adult
Package Information Pack
Unit Count 9.4 Ounce
Number of Items 1
Item Weight 0.79 Pounds


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DELIVERS INTENSE MUSCLE PUMPS For shirt-splitting pumps that will get you noticed, VaporX5 Next Gen delivers a blend of Nitrosigine and hawthorn berry engineered to increase plasma nitric oxide levels, which promotes improved vasodilation. Nitrosigine is a new patented complex of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate that is backed by clinical science and designed to do one thing: crank up nitric oxide levels to force the most unbelievable pumps. Simply put, if you deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the exercising muscle and get rid of waste products, your training will be more effective and you will recover from the set more quickly. This all leads to an unbelievably powerful pump! VaporX5 Next Gen uses a full clinically-studied dose of Nitrosigine in each two-scoop serving. REAL MUSCLEBUILDING POWER VaporX5 Next Gen features three scientifically-validated musclebuilding ingredients (beta-alanine, betaine and creatine) to enhance the muscle- and strength-building process by supporting between-set muscle recovery and workout performance.

Strength Redefined

Measured in character. Not just muscle.

Whether or not you’re competing, you’re always looking for an edge. For more than two decades, we’ve fueled those with the strength to not just play the game, but to change it. MuscleTech is about more than the physical gains. It’s about incredible possibilities.

Why take Vapor X5?

Looking for an explosive, game-changing pre-workout that’ll redefine the results of your training? You can stop your search. VaporX5 is your all-in-one source formula for more lean muscle, strength, energy, focus and insane muscle pumps.

The ultimate pre-workout experience

Refuse to accept the status quo and take your training to the next level with more lean muscle, strength, energy, focus and insane muscle pumps.

Unparalleled energy and focus

Enhance your focus with a precisely dosed key ingredient that’ll deliver energy and an intense sensory experience.

Performance-tested key ingredients

VaporX5 includes powerful musclebuilding ingredients to help you pack on size, including creatine monohydrate – the most researched form of creatine – combined with betaine.

The stuff on the label

VaporX5 is the result of years of scientific research and development, with hand picked ingredients to help serious competitors crush their goals and enhance their workouts.

Scientifically validated results

Subjects who used the exact 2.5g dose of betaine in 2 scoops of VaporX5 built 3.75 lbs. of lean muscle in 6 weeks compared to 0.66 lbs. by the placebo group. That’s over four times more muscle!

Increase muscle size and strength

With more muscle comes more strength – and with greater strength comes improved performance. This is a game-changing pre-workout experience that’ll redefine your results.

Shirt-splitting pumps

Contains Nitrosigine, which research shows increases nitric oxide levels. When combined with hawthorn, it delivers shirt-splitting pumps!

Get your mind in the game

We’ve added a scientifically studied dose of taurine, which has been shown to support performance in endurance athletes.

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